Have you ever felt the need for a change, the urge to make your life more alive, the necessity to break a routine that does not suit you anymore?

I understand what it feels cause I have been through this. I did not get crazy from one day to an other, but slightly slipped to an every day life that did not resonate in me.  I went through different stages of resilience, acceptance, burst, depression, revolt to finally planning my change. I gave myself a year to make that happens and I would like to share my journey with you.

Few things before we start this voyage together:

  1. humans are complex individuals, unique and exceptional. Hence, it is completely normal to feel the need for some changes during our lives. Our interests, maturity towards certain topics and sensitivity evolve. Taking the lead for a change means to accept and embrace these. There is no place for regrets, shame or self-deception. This is natural, I am normal and you are too. We can be proud of what we have done so far, it does not mean we want to change the past. What we want is to take control of what will happen next.
  2. many may call it a mid-life crisis. Why not?! But crisis responds to an emergency state where people press the button when it is almost too late. It may lead to damaged consequences. Hence, I would therefore call it  the natural life-change that comes with planning, prepared actions and control. This is not a crisis, this is a well planned change, one step at a time.

Changes can be wanted to any aspect of our lives: work, relationship, image, geographical change, hobbies…

Please share with me the aspect of your life that you would like to change and the reasons for this. I can help you find your way through to fulfill what becomes a necessity in your life.




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